Wedding Video – A Motion Picture of your Wedding

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Nothing captures the atmosphere of a wedding day quite like a beautiful, professionally made wedding video. Comprehensive, stylish coverage is essential to remember the dresses, the limousines, the style and pageantry of the occasion in all its grand detail. After all, what better way to share the love, the emotion and the good times of your special day with friends and family than through a wedding video?

Your video and photos, photo album will be the only physical memory of the day, so there are many practical, as well as aesthetic, reasons why you should hire a professional video and photography team such as Spoilt Weddings for your special day.

  • Clarity
  • Re-Live the day
  • Historical day

wedding videographer and photographers


Sometimes it isn’t always easy for your guests to pick up the entirety of the wedding day. The speeches on the day may be muffled or unclear; perhaps the important moments such as the exchange of wedding vows or bridal waltz may be obscured from the view of some people. Our comprehensive video coverage will ensure that all of the key moments can be relived in clarity.

Reliving the day

Nothing is so special to the bride and groom than reliving one of the most important days of their lives. With a superb video and photographic package from Spoilt Weddings, the occasion will be relived in the finest detail and memory.

Historical record

However a beautiful video of your wedding serves not only to provide an important memory, it will also be a record of history for many decades, even generations to come. Your video and photographic record may well be used as an important keystone of family history research

Our videographer shooting a wedding at Cottesloe Civic Centre

At Spoilt Weddings we add a unique touch to your wedding video. Not only do we give a professional and artistic look to the coverage of the great day, we also mix in our photography in a very special way. Our unique fusion style of videography and photography in the wedding record will delight and entrance you and serve as a memorable recollection of the wedding day for years, for many generations of family to admire.

At Spoilt Weddings we work as a team both on the day and in the editing phase to offer the finest in fusion video and photography. Please contact us for further information about prices and how we can deliver you a wedding package that will be admired through the ages.