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Top Tips for a Memorable Wedding Video

In Wedding Advise by Peter D


Your wedding day can go by like a blur and seem over all too quickly. To make sure you don’t forget a single moment, a wedding video is a wonderful addition and means you can look back in years to come on all the laughter and tears from your big day.

At Perth based Spoilt Weddings, we have experienced videographers who will make sure you have memories to last forever. To help you prepare, we provide you with our top tips to make sure your wedding video is a heartfelt memento that truly captures your day.

Planning your videography is everything

It can be tempting to simply organise your videographer and then not think about it until they turn up on the day. However, it’s important to have a little pre-planning to make sure your video is just what you want.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to meet up with your videographer before the wedding and explain to them what moments are the most special to you. For some people, an informal approach is preferred where the videographer captures the candid and unscripted moments of the day. For others, a more structured video might be more suitable where family and friends are asked to give a personal message to the camera throughout the night. Letting your videographer know what style of video you would like means they can deliver on the day.

Capture wedding moments on video

An important tip to remember is to act natural. Remind the bridal party not to turn their backs on the camera but, other than that, just encourage everyone to relax and be themselves. Usually people forget about the videographer within the first few minutes which makes for spontaneous and natural footage. Also, be honest with your videographer about moments you really don’t want included on the final video. Videographers are experienced at editing but are not mind readers!

You also need to remember that practical matters such as lighting are important. If the lighting at the reception is too low, it can be difficult for the videographer to capture a quality video. Direct sunlight at the ceremony may also be an issue. Be sure to discuss what lighting you will be having on the day so your videographer can be prepared. Also remember that although your wedding videographer won’t be intrusive, they also need to capture the best moments of the day. Make sure you take your time during key events so footage can be captured and ensure that over enthusiastic guests aren’t blocking the shot.

Trust the experts

Your wedding video will be something for you to treasure forever and you deserve only the best on your big day. Spoilt Weddings are experienced at providing wedding videographers and photography services in the Perth area and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail. We can cater to every wedding, with the ability to have a single videographer or a multi-camera team.

To arrange your videographer for your wedding day, contact Spoilt Weddings or fill in our easy wedding online form and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.