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Spoilt Wedding Photographer

Every wedding is special. The colours, the elegance, the fashion, the fine dresses and the occasion itself all combine to make it an unforgettable event. Therefore you want the photo package of the day to be of the highest quality to capture the essence images of your wonderful moment in time. You want generations of your family to be able to enjoy the pictures of the event for many years to come. It follows then that it is worth “going the extra mile” to get that extra quality by employing the finest of Perth wedding photographers, however have you thought about a combination of photographic and videographic packages?

The idea of the photographer and videographer working as a team instead of performing individual functions is at the heart of the success of Spoilt Weddings. Working as a team brings out the best in both of our professionals and their passion and skill mesh together to work as one to bring you the finest in wedding photography and videography wedding packages.

Spoilt Weddings, Perth wedding photographers, offers the following coverage:

  • A photographic package
  • A video package
  • A combination of the two formats in a single package.

Features of the Spoilt Weddings package

Photo and Video Teamwork

Our experienced photographic and video team work together to deliver a superior result. With both professionals working together to maximise quality, as well as sharing the workload, your wedding photography and video from the day is enhanced.

Perth Wedding Photographers with Passion

Our team is committed to excellence. We consider it an honour to be asked to cover your wedding and have a drive and passion to ensure your wedding package is a stunning success.

Wedding Photography and Video Experience

Our team of Perth wedding photographers and videographers have over ten years experience in their work. This counts for a great deal on the day of the wedding. At Spoilt Weddings our experienced photographers and videographers know how to get the best out of every picture situation. However this is done in a completely unobtrusive style.

Ensure you get the very best in Perth wedding photographers by employing Spoilt Weddings. Not only will you benefit by getting the best photographic coverage but the passion, drive and skill of the photographer and videographer working together will give you a special wedding package to match the greatness of the day. Your photos can be delivered in a digital format for a digital wedding album and/or wedding album. Make use of a collaboration of photography and video to remember your day. Contact Spoilt Weddings for more details.