Are you looking for a team of top Perth wedding videographers to cover your wedding? A team with vision, drive and passion to make your special day that much better? Perhaps you’ve already considered a range of Perth-based videographers for your wedding video package but they don’t seem to be right for your needs.

Have you considered hiring a team of Perth wedding videographers and photographers for that detailed and extensive coverage? One that will work together to create a superb record of your wedding day. Spoilt Weddings can provide you with the unique coverage you want using a team of experienced videographers and photographers.

perth weding videographers

What are the advantages of hiring Spoilt Weddings’ team?

Shared workload

The benefit of working as a team means that the total becomes more than the sum of its parts. Because the workload is shared and the experienced team works hard together to make the coverage successful, the end result is one in which you’ll be proud.

Perth Wedding Videographers with Experience

Our team of Perth wedding videographers has a combined total experience of over ten years working on wedding video and photographic packages. This experience provides for an understanding of each other’s work with each member of the team knowing instinctively the quirks and needs of the other. Precision teamwork is partly skill and partly knowing what your role is in the team. The Spoilt Weddings team of perth videographers and photographers has that experience to mesh as a team.


Our Perth wedding videographers and photographers understand how important it is to record your wedding in a way that is stylish, elegant and sophisticated. Our team does this yet in a way that is completely unobtrusive.

Spoilt Weddings offers a three way wedding package with coverage of your special day available in digital format with a more traditional photo album. The package also includes a unique fusion of the wedding video and photography in one single coverage. You can obtain your wedding video on USB media to keep your options open when it comes to playback, a computer or modern TV.

Experience matters in covering a wedding. Knowing how to work together as a team is the hallmark of quality Perth wedding videographers/photographers. The professional team at Spoilt Weddings is passionate about recording your wedding and know how much this means to you, as well as future generations. Contact us at Spoilt Weddings to hear more of how our experienced team can help record the splendor of your special day.