photo booth stripsHiring a photo booth is a great idea for a wedding. Not only will it take the entertainment at the wedding reception to a new level but a wedding photo booth hire from Spoilt Weddings will provide guests with a unique memento of the occasion to keep or share.

We provide the finest photo booths at Spoilt Weddings, which can be themed for added fun to help make the entertainment at the wedding reception special. Not only are the photo booths amongst the more advanced in booth technology in the country but there are also a number of extras that you will get when you hire a wedding photo booth through Spoilt Weddings.

Wedding photo booth hire extras

  • Backdrops and props
  • Custom designed prints
  • Art supplies
  • Unlimited photo strips

Backdrops and props

We will provide fun, themed backdrops and booth props if required to supplement the wedding photo booth hire. These are selected to add that extra touch of fun to the occasion.

Custom designed prints

The prints from our wedding photo booths may be custom designed to include the names of the bride and groom if so wished.

Art supplies

Pens, markers and other art supplies are also supplied with the wedding photo booth hire so guests can add a little artistic touch to the photos they leave in the married couple’s wedding book.

Unlimited photo strips

We make available an unlimited amount of photo strips and photos during the course of the hire of the photo booth, ensuring guests have plenty of mementos to remind them of the special day.

Wedding Photo Booth Hire

wedding photo booth stripAll our wedding photo booths are state-of-the-art machines and each is professionally operated for the occasion allowing customers to relax and enjoy the entertainment. Sophisticated software means guests are able to share the wedding prints on social media if so desired.

The Spoilt Weddings wedding photo booth hire is also available as a package which includes one of the finest photographic and videographic teams in the country.

Vastly experienced with over 700 photo and video weddings for clients from around the country and the world, the Spoilt Wedding package will deliver a unique wedding service record which will include wedding photography, videography and photo booth hire.

Fusing our skills in photography and videography, the secret of our success in delivering superb, artistic wedding photographic and video services is the ability to work seamlessly as a team.

Contact us to find out more about wedding photo booth hire and also discuss with us how packaging this with photography and videography will help make the record of the special day unique and unforgettable.