The wedding photography services offered by Spoilt Weddings are special. Our unique wedding services package includes the finest in wedding photography and videography, fusing them in a way that creates an individual wedding record that will be admired through the ages.

We also offer professionally-operated photo booths to help add that fun factor to the wedding entertainment.

The secret to our success is the ability to work as a team, helping each other to set up and capture the right shots at exactly the right time. This not only delivers the best wedding package possible but also help the day to run smoothly. Our style is comprehensive and artistic yet unobtrusive. We are experts in staying in the background to do our work.


wedding photographer in perthYears of experience working as team means we know how to work together to create a superb wedding photography services package. Yet our experience also guides us in the best way to go about capturing that special shot that will be admired throughout the years. This instinct developed working as a photographic and videographic team means the developing of an understanding of each others needs. Our team has shot weddings around the world including Bali, Scotland and Vanuatu. We also travel around Australia and have shot weddings in Sydney, Adelaide and in many rural centres.


We are professionals dedicated to delivering the finest in wedding photography services and are available for hire by the event rather than by an hourly charge. As professionals this gives us ample opportunity to cover all aspects of the day and we will take the time to cover the entire occasion for posterity, no matter how long it takes.

Wedding Photography Passion

At Spoilt Weddings we are passionate about our work. We consider it a privilege to be invited to cover your wedding and will work hard to make sure the final wedding photography services is of the highest quality.

Along with our superb wedding photography services we also offer a photo booth service to really give the wedding reception entertainment some momentum. Professionally operated, the booth also includes added extras such as art supplies, customised logos, art supplies and props and backdrops and is the latest in its field with software designed to allow sharing prints by social media.

Booking the wedding photography team is the first thing that should be considered when organising a wedding as quality photographers and videographers are soon booked out. So why not talk to us to ask about hiring us as a team?

Our wedding photography services package will create a lasting memory of your wedding which will be unique, artistic and creative. Available for weddings in Margaret River and Broome, we will deliver a service which also includes wedding albums, slideshows on the day and wedding prints.

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