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Wedding Photographers

With over 700 weddings, an experienced wedding photographer will contribute to your wedding day more than you realise. Wedding photography vision is also seen though video footage on the day. A collaboration of photography and video to remember. Have your photos delivered in digital format, digital wedding album and/or wedding album


Wedding Videographers

Frans has over 1,200 produced weddings and over 13 years of experience. A dedicated wedding videographer who can work as an individual or with a multi camera team. No wedding is too big to cover with video. We have up to 6 cameras record your wedding day from multiple angles.

We’ve been covering weddings for over 10 years. Both with video and photography and international coverage. Capture with both photography and video on your wedding day, our experience counts and we work together to have minimal intrusion on your wedding day. We like to stay in the background and have one person running each session. This is where experience in both wedding photography, video and working together makes all the difference, coupled with our latest technology we can provide BlueRay or standard DVDs for you to view your wedding again and again.

We fuse photography and videography into one package. Get amazing photography and video in one place. This new and modern way of experiencing your wedding again is great.

Fuzing your wedding photos with video is a new form of experiencing your wedding day. Our team is dedicated to provide un-intrusive capture, a dedicated team and experience. We plan your wedding day and capture footage that complements both mediums.

Your additional fuzed wedding clip will be loved by all.

“Fusion of photo & video ”